Who benefits from Pitch Fork Cowra?

The whole community of Cowra! Whether it is local community groups or local businesses, many local organisations are involved in the running of Pitch Fork Cowra. These groups either sell their goods to you or are paid by the PFC committee for their services, e.g. The show society gets the money for the camping, the footy club helps serve food, school groups sell food, the scout group sells drinks and many more.

Also the committee is committed to buying locally where ever possible. We are lucky to have great retailers in Cowra.

The committee of Pitch Fork Cowra is made up of volunteers.

What does my entry fee cover?

When you enter the festival all main stage entertainment and demonstrations by various groups are paid for. Available to purchase on site is: food, merchandise, goods from stall holders and raffles. Some onsite competitions will have a small entry fee.


The early winter weather in Cowra can be unpredictable. The weather can range from raining and cold days through to cool/cold evenings. Campers should come prepared for any eventuality.

What food is available to purchase over the weekend?

Of course there is some great camp oven food available to purchase with everything from cornmeat fritters, to stews and damper. Also onsite, some other options will be hot chips, cooked breakfast, sandwiches, ice-cream, hot potatoes and deserts.

Is there water onsite and is it potable?

Yes, there are water taps onsite and all water is treated town water and is safe to drink.

Water is a precious commodity in the bush. We would appreciate if all patrons would help us conserve water in the following ways: restrict yourself to one shower per day, turn the water off when brushing your teeth and you could even bring some water with you.

How far are the showgrounds from Cowra?

The Showgrounds are approximately 1.7kms from Cowra township. 

What medical facilities are in Cowra?

We have a Medical centre and a public hospital in Cowra.

There is also a chemist shop in Cowra. * Please remember to fill your prescriptions before you come to the festival.

Is there an ATM on site?

No. There will be no ATM on site over the weekend.

Cooking Competition

How do I enter the Cooking Competition?

You will need to complete an entry form and send it in to the organisers before the event if you are entering the Championship competition, as the organisers need to allocate enough spaces for the entrants. If you are thinking about entering the Beginners competition, an indication of your intention would be appreciated but is not essential.

Championship Competition

To be eligible to win the Championship prize you must enter all events for the weekend. Your entry fee into the championship competition gives you 1 campsite, entry to the festival for 4 team members and entry to the competition. If you require more than one campsite let us know and we will endeavour to get one close to the cooking area.

Teams of up to 4 people can enter the competition, these 4 people will sign indemnity forms at the beginning of the competition, therefore, those 4 people are not interchangeable with other people over the weekend. You will be allocated a cooking site and that will be yours for the weekend.

Points are allocated for prize winners and tallied over the weekend and the team with the most points will be announced as the winner.   The program sets the menu for you to cook, you can cook your own recipes unless indicated otherwise. Bring your own ingredients and cooking utensils, etc. We encourage you to interact with the crowd as much as possible – they love to be able to talk to you to find out what you are cooking and how you are doing it.

Beginners’ Competition

This program is designed for people to come and have a go. You can choose to do just one event or all events. Meals are judged as a single serve and the rest is yours to eat. Dampers are presented to the judges whole.

There is no free camping site when entering the beginner competition.

Can I use heat beads/alternative fuel source for the cooking competition?

No. The competition is a traditional style competition and all cooking is to be done with an open fire/coals.


When can I book a campsite to the next festival? 

Campsite bookings will open in April 2017. Subscribe to our enewsletter for all of the latest information

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, you can bring your dog along but PLEASE remember that your dog is your responsibility – so clean up after it. No dogs are allowed in the food areas. Don’t allow your dog to sit at your camp site while you are not there and bark continuously, and please don’t bring your dog if it is not good in crowds and with other dogs.

Can I bring a generator?

Yes, generators are allowed – however, please be mindful of other campers.

Can I have a fire at my camp site?

No – as part of our insurance cover we cannot allow fires in undesignated areas. If you want to cook your own camp oven meal you can enter the Beginner Cooking Competition and cook your meal there. You might even win a prize.

You may use heat beads at your site as long as it is in an enclosed device e.g. an Oz pig, etc. Someone must be in attendance while the heat beads are going in case of a fire.

Are there toilets and showers?

Yes, there are toilets and showers available. There are a number of toilets and showers spread across the site. We continue to improve the facilities but please remember that our camping grounds are used only a few times a year. Toilet and shower facilities are adequately basic.

You may have to line up for a shower if you choose to go at the busy periods. Peak times for shower queues are mornings and late afternoons so please avoid these times if possible.

You are welcome to bring your own shower and toilet if you would like (there is a black water dump onsite).

Keep your valuables safe.

Theft can be a problem as at any large event. Please do not bring anything of value that is not essential. All valuables remain the responsibility of the camper.

Expect noise, bring earplugs.

Campsites near the main festival precinct will be able to hear music until late at night; also fellow campers may be up and about all day and night. Please bring ear plugs if you are a light sleeper.

What do I do if I’ve lost my child? 

Lost children will be taken to the festival office. A great idea is to write your mobile phone number on your child’s wrist band so that we can get in touch if they do become separated from you.